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Admission Notice

Dear Parents and Guardians,
You are seeking admission for your son in Don Bosco School, Park Circus. We wish to be of
maximum service to you in this regard. As you are very well aware, the number of seats is limited
and the admission seekers are numerous. The admission is based on successfully completing certain
admission formalities and procedures. This is a general notice.

Don Bosco School Park Circus is a Christian Minority Institution and as such the norms of
minority institutions are applicable to the admission procedure.

Normal entry to Don Bosco School is at Class KG level for boys who have completed 5 years. The
exact age group would be published along with the specific notice for admission. Every year, by
the end of August, this notice will be published on our website. Please note that we do not have
Nursery, Lower Kindergarten or Upper Kindergarten in our school.

Board of Admission: Admission procedures are conducted exclusively by the Rector and the Don
Bosco Fathers and Brothers, authorized by the Rector. No other person in the school or outside has
any hand in the admission process. The Rector/Principal/Asst. Principal does not mediate through
any third party with regard to admissions. No one else inside school or outside the school has
anything to do with the admission process. No Nursery Schools, Schools or other such institutions,
near or far, have any affinity to this school to win any special considerations. Parents are warned
against such claims. Recommendations are not welcome and shall be detrimental to admission.

Procedure of Admission:

Admission to Class KG: Approximately 225 candidates will be selected for admission to Class KG.
Application Forms can be downloaded from the school web site The
Application Forms will be available during September. Exact dates of availability will be notified
through a notice on the school website. Receiving the Application Form or going through the
admission procedure does not guarantee admission.

Admissions to classes 2 to 8 are subject to vacancies due to withdrawal from school, as such the
seats are very limited. Availability seats will be made known through the website and Application
Forms can be downloaded from the school web site The Application
Forms will be available from mid March to the end of March.

Admission to Class 11 (external candidates) is open to a limited number of students only. Parents
who desire to get their child admitted must fill in the Application Form downloaded from the
school web site The Application Form will be available from the
day of the ICSE result for 4 days only. The form must be submitted to the school reception within
4 days after the ICSE result. A candidate who has obtained 90% marks each in 5 subjects only need
to apply.

Form: Parents and Guardians are required to download the Application Form from the school
website, fill-in the required details, and submit according to the

instructions given. Only these forms are accepted. Forms will not be issued from the school.

Interaction: The date and the time for the meeting with the principal will be indicated on the
Application Form for Class KG. For others it will be communicated to you by email and this is
unchangeable. Both parents must accompany the child and no other persons shall be allowed to
accompany the child.

Documents: The following documents are to be presented for verification at the time of interaction:
(1) a copy of the print out of the Application Form along with the stipulated size photograph
duly pasted on it and a postcard size photograph of the child along with the parents, in formal
dress, (2) Corporation Certificate or Nursing Home Discharge Certificate for verification, (3)
Catholic children will produce the baptism certificate along with a letter from the Parish Priest. All
documents must be original, and duplicates are not required at this stage.

Result: The final result will be communicated to you by email.

Please Note well: This is a general notice regarding admission. Specific notices for various classes
will be published on the website during the above mentioned months. Application has to be on the
prescribed form, available on the website. You need to apply only if you have read the prospectus
of the school, and if you are satisfied with the admission procedure described above.


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