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1.     Applications for admissions to Class I are accepted from students of all faiths. However, Christians are given preference. Admissions to other classes will be taken against chance vacancies at the beginning of the school year. No new admissions will be taken in classes IX, X, XI and XII.

2.     Parents/Guardians are asked to fill in the admission forms with the utmost accuracy. No subsequent changes will be permitted.

3.     A candidate who has attended a recognized school may be admitted only with a Transfer Certificate from the school he has last attended. Catholic students must also produce a Baptism Certificate.

4.     New Candidates must be introduced personally to the Principal by the one who will be responsible for his conduct and fees. They will be examined on the syllabus of the class immediately below that to which they seek admission.

5.   The ISC is a separate course. Admission to the Plus Two level is reserved to boys who have passed ICSE through this school. Admission to it is entirely at the discretion of the School Authorities even for the students who have completed the ICSE at Don Bosco Park Circus. A new application is required for admission to this course. There will also be an interview of the candidate along with the parents. Conduct Record of a student has a major role to play in his admission to ISC.

6.     ISC students must follow exactly the same pattern of discipline as the students of the rest of the school. Failure to maintain that tone of conduct and discipline expected of senior students according to the traditional norms of the school will be sufficient for dismissal at any time.

7.     Criteria for admission to ISC: (1) Commerce: A student must secure a minimum aggregate of 60% for provisional admission to class XI. (2) Science: A student must secure 75% in each of the following subjects: Mathematics and Science. (3) To change the stream from Commerce to Science after the ICSE result a candidate must have scored 80% each in Mathematics and Science.

8.     The Rector is the final authority in granting admissions and his decision is final and binding on all.


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