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Admission Notice for KG - 2013-14

Dear Parents,

You are seeking admission for your son in Don Bosco School, Park Circus. We wish to be of maximum service to you in this regard. You are very well aware, the number of seats is limited and the admission seekers are numerous. The admission is based on successfully completing certain admission formalities and procedures which includes a lottery. Therefore after meeting the parents and the children and after scrutinizing the application forms and the documents asked for, the admission seekers will be short listed and subsequently the final selection will be made on the basis of a lottery.

Don Bosco School Park Circus is a Christian Minority Institution and as such the norms of minority institutions are applicable in the admission procedure.

The selection is done by the Principal with the help of the Fathers of Don Bosco School, Park Circus only. No one else in the school or outside the school has anything to do with the admission process. Hence, beware of touts or middlemen who claim otherwise.

Let me also caution you about certain things:

Please avoid any third party that approaches you in connection with the admission and neither should you approach any third party for admission. Beware of touts who try to cheat people during the admission-season. Recommendations for admission are also not entertained.

Do not offer any money to anyone who approaches you asking for money in the name of admission, posing to be well connected with the school, or pretending to have something to do with the admission procedure. We do not accept any money for admission. Therefore, do not spoil the name of this institution by offering money to anyone.

And if it is known to the school authorities, even subsequently, that money has been paid to anyone in connection with an admission, that admission will be cancelled and the student will have to be withdrawn.

Finally do not believe anyone who approaches you for money saying that the above mentioned facts are just pretensions.

I hope your child will be successful and we will have the opportunity of serving you.

God bless you.







This notice is for admission to KG only.

Eligibility: Boys born between 01.01.2008 and 31.12.2008 are eligible for admission to KG and only such candidates need to apply. Those who tried for admissions in the previous year/s should not apply for application forms again this year. They will be automatically rejected. All the information, as requested in the form, about the candidate and the parents must be submitted, to be eligible for the interaction.

The Institution: Don Bosco School Park Circus is a Christian Minority Institution and as such the norms of minority institutions are applicable in the admission procedure.

Procedure: The candidates will be selected based on the interaction with the parents and the candidate by the principal or one delegated by him. The final selection will be on the basis of a lottery from those who have completed the admission formalities and procedures correctly and have been short listed after the verification/interaction.

Board of Admission: Admission-procedures are conducted exclusively by the Principal and the Don Bosco Fathers and Brothers, authorized by the Principal. No other person in the school or outside has any hand in the selections. The Principal/Asst. Principal does not mediate through third parties with regard to admissions. No persons, nursery schools, schools or other such institutions, near or far, have any affinity to this school to win any special consideration. Parents are warned against any such claims.

Recommendations are not welcome and can be detrimental to admission.

Vacancies: Approximately 200 candidates will be selected for admission to K G. Receiving the Application Form or going through the admission procedure does not guarantee admission. Those who are not selected for admission are requested not to ask for reconsideration.

Form: Forms will not be issued from the school. Parents and Guardians are required to download the form from the school website fill-in the required details and submit the same on the net. In case any field is left free, the application will not be accepted by the site and will be rejected. This application can be submitted online any day between November 1 and 15, 2012. A hard copy of the Admission Form duly filled and submitted online, along with required photographs, will have to be dropped in the drop box provided in the school reception between December 3 and 7, 2012, during school hours. Another hard copy of the Admission Form duly filled and submitted online, will have to be submitted also at the time of the interaction. Date and time of interaction with the parents will be informed through the website and the login id given on the application form after payment of the application fees after 30th November 2012. Your form will have a unique number which will be used for all future correspondence and reference. You must keep a printout of the entire document for future use and reference.

Payment: A sum of Rs.500/- (Rs. Five hundred only) will have to be paid as the form fee through our bank ‘The Federal Bank Ltd.’, in any of the branches in Kolkata, during bank-hours, between 5th November and 17th November 2012. This money will not be refunded for any reason whatsoever. The money receipt must be collected from the bank and presented for verification at the time of the interaction.

Interaction: The date and the time for the interaction with the principal are unchangeable. Both parents must accompany the child and no other persons shall be allowed to accompany the child. The Application-Form, downloaded from the site and duly filled-in, should be submitted at the time of the interaction along with one copy of recent stamp-sized colour photograph of the applicant and a postcard size family photograph which must be pasted on the application form. Similar copies of the photograph must be produced whenever they are needed by the school.

Documents: The following documents are to be presented for verification at the time of interaction: (1) a copy of the print out of the application form along with stipulated size photographs duly pasted on it, (2) Corporation Birth Certificate for verification or Nursing Home Discharge Certificate. (Catholic children will produce the baptism certificate along with a letter from the Parish Priest and also the above requirements). All documents must be original, and duplicates are not required at this stage.

Result: The final result (that is, after the submission of the forms and documents and meeting the Principal and the subsequent lottery is completed) will be communicated to you by email by February 2013. If your child is selected please take a print out of the letter and present it at the time of admission. The Form Numbers of the selected candidates will also be put on the website at a later time. Make sure you have a copy of the form with you till the end of the formalities.

Please Note: Kindly note, that only if you have read the prospectus of the school, and you have not applied for admission in the previous year/s and only if you are satisfied with the admission procedure described above, you need to apply.

The last date for availability of application form from the website for admission to Class – KG for the academic session 2013 – 2014 was 15th Nov., 2012 and the last date for payment was 17th Nov,2012. Those who have failed to download the application form or could not make the payment in the bank on time, do not stand a chance for admission. Therefore, no queries regarding application forms/payments will be entertained any further.



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